Our intention is to unite the efforts of pediatric pulmonologists in our country and region with the aim of harmonizing the knowledge and skills acquired through postgraduate education and improving the standards of everyday clinical practice, from the primary to the tertiary level of health care.


The founders are eminent Serbian pediatric pulmonologists.

We hope that colleagues from other specialties (physiatrists, otorhinolaryngologists) and subspecialties (immunologists, allergists, neonatologists) from our country and region will take part in the work of the Association.

Doc. dr Aleksandar Sovtić

Institute for Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia

Prof. dr Snežana Živanović

Clinic for Pediatrics of the University Clinical Center Niš

Prof. dr Gordana Kostić

Clinic for Pediatrics, University Clinical Center Kragujevac

Doc. dr Biljana Međo

University children's clinic Tiršova

Prof. dr Gordana Vilotijević Dautović

Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth of Vojvodina

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